About Us

My fiancé and I decided to go on a diet, it called for 3 days of no coffee!  Before that, my daily mantra was, "but first, coffee." So you can image how wonderful of a person I was for those 3 excruciating days. On day 4 I was so relieved because I knew that I would have my liquid gold back in my life! Just as I reached for my favorite creamer, Thereasa broke the news that creamer was a no go. I'm not going to say that I cried but... my allergies were definitely acting up that morning.

Being forced into this creamer-less wasteland, I quickly learned that grocery store coffee was lifeless. I turned to coffee chains and discovered that they lacked depth or had only one note, bitter. 

I vented to Thereasa daily and she challenged me. "If you don't like it, let's make something better." Two weeks later we had a roaster and pounds of various green coffee beans with profiles that we found interesting.

We discovered various methods to enhance the natural flavors within beans and created blends that gave us the tastes that I so longed for. We kept track of all of our trials through a video blog.

We had so much fun through this experience that we decided to share it with you. Whether that's through tasting our unique blends or creating blends of your own, you can have coffee in your hands within days of it being roasted. With our coffee, you'll discover that coffee is good with cream, but... Better Black. 

Love & Gratitude, 


Justin & Thereasa